Global Citizenship in the 21st Century

What about the world inspires you enough to want to take action? If you care about events that are happening in the world, this is the opportunity for you! Never before have teenagers had so much access to understanding, influencing, and participating in global citizenship. In this class, we will consider what it means to be global citizens by thinking and caring about the events and people around the world. We will learn through film, social media, news sources, speakers, exhibitions, and one another. Then, you will select an interesting and inspiring issue to research and, through a multimedia project, you will teach our community about the issue. Even if you do not yet know what global citizenship means to you, this class will give you the chance to learn more about the world and how you can get involved.
A ½ credit in History can be earned.

Instructor: Mrs. Dymond, Director of Learning Commons

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