Leelanau School Alumni Profile Asaf Fulks

Alumni Profile Asaf FulksAsaf Fulks

Leelanau School Class of 2000
Years at the Leelanau School: 2
Degree in Computer Science, Minor in Economics
Denison University

How I Remember the Leelanau School

I first attended Leelanau during the summer school program. It’s so beautiful up there in the summer by the lake with so many biological resources to learn from. So many great memories, friends and faculty. I really enjoyed the sports programs as well. It’s funny cause in the Kindle dorm room we would have competitions with our stereo systems. Many of my bad lyric rap CD’s were confiscated lol, now I’m in the music business and always try to keep my records clean, but keep my bass knockin!

How the Leelanau School Impacted My Life

I would not be where I am today without Leelanau; it made a huge impact on my life. My first two years of public high school my grades were terrible and I was unmotivated. Leelanau made it fun for me to learn again I excelled academically, became class president, got straight A’s and got into a great college.

Career Summary

From the OC Recording Company website:

Starting with a dream and with focus and persistent dedication, Asaf built not only a state-of the art recording studio, but a world-wide reputation for the mastery of his craft. He is also known as an inspiring mentor and for his calming demeanor, friendliness and professionalism. His goal is to continue to produce cutting edge music, develop innovative studio technology, provide clients with the high quality recording at affordable rates, and help our students succeed in the world of Audio Engineering and Music Production.

Asaf became a Grammy voting member; Avid Pro Tools / Waves certified and received his US Patent for Microphone Stand Technology. He is an AES member and Waves Mercury featured user. In 2012 The OC Recording Company won The OC Weekly’s Best of Award–Best Recording Studio in Orange County!

Asaf authored the book The Studio: Audio Engineering and Music Production Techniques. In 2013, after years of experience, he opened The OC Recording School: Audio Engineering and music Production Certificate Program, accredited by the NPSAG for The OC Recording School.