Scotland and England Trip

“Creative Creatures: A Survey of Western Expression” is designed to investigate the many ways that humanity has exercised the practice of creativity in the western world. From creating civilizations to building architectural structures and monuments to writing, theater, and visual art, western peoples have constantly strived to not only exist in the world but to embellish the world around them. Through our travels in Scotland and England, the class will delve first-hand into how the creativity has shaped the island of Britain. The immersion into the breadth and diversity of western creativity will provide students with a direct and in-depth experience that will provide context for their studies. This class is a full day course offered during the five-week winter term semester. Upon satisfactory completion of course requirements, students can earn a ½ credit in English and another ½ credit in social sciences.

Instructors: Mrs. Blondia, Humanities Department Chair and Mr. McCue, Visual Arts