Real-World Communication

This course is designed for the hidden writer, for the student who has grown tired of trying to add meaning and metaphor to an essay or paragraph. Beginning with a historical perspective, this class will explore how writing technologies (from paper and quill to blogs and wikis) have changed what it means to be a writer. From there, we will take on a series of writing projects: Holley Portraits, newsletters, blogs, directions, cookbooks, emails, presentations for senior projects. This list of writing continues that all students and professionals complete daily, often in more than one medium. Like a scientist testing out hypotheses, we will observe, construct, research, and combine our efforts towards a final project. The creation of a self-selected project is just the beginning of this real-world communication course over winter term.

Course Website:

A ½ credit inEnglish can be earned.

Instructors: Ms. Firestone, English and Mrs. Dymond, Director of Learning Commons

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