Peru Trip

Exploring Art, Culture, and Service in Peru –

Working side by side with locals, students will gain insight into the challenges they face and build lasting solutions to help empower the community. Students will connect with local communities in the Sacred Valley and learn how they preserve their history, art, and their language.

Students will explore the archaeological remains of the Inca Empire and their lasting cultural influences. Additionally, while taking in the breathtaking sights from atop the mighty Andes, students will also spend two days working in a local community on projects that support economic sustainability, local agriculture, and access to education.

The course on campus will prepare students for the trip to Peru.  They will learn about the culture of the Incas, the mystery of Machu Picchu, and the geography of Peru.  They will prepare Peruvian dishes and read a short story by famous Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa.  They will also study the various ecological regions featuring the rain forest and alpine areas. Additionally, throughout the term students will be keeping a journal with watercolors.

More information about the trip portion of this course can be found at

Upon satisfactory completion of course requirements, students will earn a ½ credit in History and another ½ credit in English.

Instructors: Mrs. Kim Speicher, Spanish Teacher and Mr. Joe Blondia, History/Science Teacher

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