Family Advisory Units

teacher-student-scenes_fauA long standing Leelanau tradition is the participation in Family Advisory Units, or FAUs.

Every student is assigned to an FAU that is overseen by two teaching faculty parents and residential faculty advisor. The families are comprised of students of mixed ages. FAUs are one important way we get to know you.

FAUs interact every school day. They sit together for Quiet Period and meet together for Homeroom. They have lunch together once each week. FAU parents and advisors plan special outings and work with their FAUs to do community service and compete in school wide challenges.

Through this consistent contact, FAU parents and advisors are able to pay attention to how their students are doing academically, socially, and emotionally. They often are the first to notice when a student needs special support and are safe, accessible adults for students when help is needed.

FAU parents are academic advisors who support students and families in choosing classes and guide students through their academic, behavioral, and social progress during the school year.

FAU parents and advisors are the perfect resource for students’ families; parents are always encouraged to reach out to the FAU parents and advisors with questions and concerns.