Project-Based, Experiential Learning at The Leelanau School


What does this mean?

glp_8693-edit-2-by-joe-clark-glasslakesphotography-com_Academics at The Leelanau School go beyond hands on. We engage all your senses in learning to include kinesthetic, visual, and verbal learning. Through our methods, students are immersed in the learning experience. When you go out to collect data from the Crystal River for Biology class, you will not only be asked to note what the instrumental readings are, but also what you observe through sight, sound and smell.

You might also be asked to answer the question “Does salmon from the Crystal River taste different than salmon that is farm raised? By experiencing learning, you will have a depth of understanding that far surpasses what is only read about. As with all experiential learning, we ask you to analyze what you have learned and to apply your knowledge to new experiences.

Winter Term

Winter Term allows you to concentrate and immerse yourself in five senses learning, either on or off campus. The day consists of two intense class periods in topics like: Songwriting, Winter Ecology, British Monarchy, Mindstorms, Math Support, French Culture, Film Studies, and Skiing to name a few. Trips are often available for places like British Virgin Islands, Guatemala and Italy.