House Parent Position – Female Dorm

The Leelanau School in Glen Arbor, Michigan is hiring for the position of a House Parent on their campus in a Female Dorm.  The Leelanau School is a secondary boarding school focused upon serving students who learn best in non-traditional classrooms.  House Parents live on our campus and participate as full community members as well as carrying out their charge of monitoring our students’ academic, social, emotional and psychological growth and well being.  Candidates should have at least a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate people-related major with similar work experience.

Interviews will be scheduled for those appearing suitable after reviewing candidates’ materials. Deadline for receipt of candidates is Monday, February 5th. Please feel free to visit our school’s website at

All parts of the job description are expected to be addressed by each employee in this position.

Duty Responsibilities:

Community Member:

  • Model constructive and appropriate adult behavior & boundaries for students.
  • Participate in community events as possible (i.e. meals, special events, FAU events, etc.)
  • Read Daily Reports: Evening House Logs and other communication daily on email.


At Beginning of the duty shift, the person should pick up their assigned 2way radio and notify the HOC that you are on duty.

  • Coordinate with Head of Campus on duty – Perform Room Checks at beginning of shift.
  • Rove campus during student free time
  • Read: school email, evening house logs, and health services communication. Communicate with parents and staff utilizing Teacherease, evening house logs, email & telephone.
  • Be accessible in-house at all times except when roving campus, meals or special assignments.
  • Address behaviors and process any inappropriate behaviors (File Incident Reports as needed)
  • Supervise & assist students in evening study hall signin/call to dorms sign in
  • Assist in supervision of AREAS.
  • Coordinate with House Parents closing down of campus buildings
  • Coordinate with House Parents the nightly closing of dormitories. (i.e. headcount, lock up and alarm house)
  • Make sure low lights and lights out are observed.
  • Provide overnight coverage of dorm.
  • Maintain log of nightly duty & communicate to parents and faculty-student progress and/or concerns.
  • Assist transportation/campus coverage if medical emergency w/ Head of House.
  • Contact Nurse and/or Administrator On Call
  • Assist by reporting any work orders needed to the HOH or Facilities Coordinator.


Attend Weekly Full Faculty Meetings/Res. Life Meetings

  • Assist with the life skills programming in the house (active & passive)
  • Attend House Meetings (Facilitate Res. Life section of the Life Skills Curriculum)

Job Type: Full-time

Additional Information:

Option- Annual contract for the 17-18 school year by April 1st.

Interested Candidates should send their letter of interest and resume to Mr. Wes Ivankovich at The Leelanau School, One Old Homestead Rd. Glen Arbor, MI 49636 or via email at

Interviews will be scheduled for those appearing suitable after reviewing candidates’ materials.  Deadline for receipt of resumes is Monday, February 5th, 2018.