Leelanau History


The Leelanau School was founded in 1929 in Glen Arbor, Michigan by Skipper & Cora Beals and Major & Helen Huey as a for-profit college-preparatory school for students who wanted to learn in a Christian Science community.


The Leelanau School was one-third of a business model that included The Homestead, Camp Leelanau and The Leelanau School all located on 1,200 acres.  In the 1960’s The Leelanau School was incorporated as non-profit organization and expanded its enrollment beyond the Christian Science community.

The board and leadership determined in 2005, that the school should look to its roots and focus the educational philosophy on project-based, experiential learning strategies for bright, college-bound students. These hands-on learning strategies were principles that The Leelanau School was founded on and help students thrive today.

Today, the school owns 12 buildings (not including 9 summer-use cabins) on 42 acres. Our Lanphier Observatory is open to the public each summer, the gym and tennis courts are available to the community except while in use for school functions, we operate a working greenhouse and have a large sports field on campus.