Discover Leelanau School

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Located on 40 acres of pristine Lake Michigan shoreline with the Crystal River flowing through our campus, The Leelanau School is a college prep boarding school for intelligent 9-12th graders.

Our school is staffed by a skilled and supportive community of success facilitators, both inside and outside the classroom. We strive to identify all aspects of our students’ unique learning styles to build strategies which meet the educational and social development needs of each student.

We offer a college preparatory curriculum using multi-sensory, project-based, experiential, and strength-based methodologies. Students gain awareness, build skills and strategies to maximize their learning potential, and grow into independent learners.

As a result, 100% of our seniors are accepted into quality colleges and universities.

Academics is only part of the equation – we also weave into our daily lessons life skills which help students mature in social relationships develop independent living skills to prepare them for dorm living in college.

Nothing we can put in print or photographs can come close to what you will see and experience when you visit campus so I hope you’ll plan a visit to meet us here on the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula. Come visit and see for yourself what loving to learn looks like!