This course is designed for the hidden writer, for the student who has grown tired of trying to add meaning and metaphor to an essay or paragraph. Beginning with a historical perspective, this class will explore how writing technologies (from paper and quill to blogs and wikis) have changed what it means to be a writer. From there, we will take on a series of writing projects: Holley Portraits, newsletters, blogs, directions, cookbooks, emails, presentations for senior projects. This list of writing continues that all students and professionals complete daily, often in more than one medium. Like a scientist testing out hypotheses, we will observe, construct, research, and combine our efforts towards a final project. The creation of a self-selected project is just the beginning of this real-world communication course over winter term.

Course Website:

A ½ credit inEnglish can be earned.

Instructors: Ms. Firestone, English and Mrs. Dymond, Director of Learning Commons

Math Support will provide the opportunity to redo or reinforce skills in any of our math courses offered during the academic semesters. Students choosing to enroll in Math Support will co-create, an individualized plan including goals to be accomplished during Winter Term. Students in the Calculus class who would like to take the AP exams at the end of the school year are also welcome to enroll in this class.
A ½ credit in Math can be earned.

Instructor: Mr. Jay Meyers, Math

During this course, students will create operational technological devices that will involve some entry level writing of computer code as well as the building of some robotics. Students are led through this experience by an instructor but will be allowed to progress at their individual rates of expertise and levels of interest. Initially, students will begin their work in pairs as they learn the basic skills needed to move forward in this area of study.
Students may be charged an additional fee if their progress accelerates to addressing a personal project. Families would be consulted in advance of a purchase if this is needed.
A ½ credit in either a Math or Science can be earned.

Instructors: Mr. Cal Meyers, Math Department Chair and Mr. Jay Meyers, Math

This class will cover a wide range of skills and knowledge. The main goal of the class is to learn as much about the physical science of cold and snow along with the adaptations of plants and animals to living in the highly variable environment of Northwest Michigan. In addition, we will be learning and practicing different modes of transportation including snowshoeing and cross country skiing with a chance to observe and learn about sled dog travel.
A ½ credit in Science can be earned for this class if all requirements are successfully completed.

Instructor: Mr. Cal Meyers, Math Department Chair

This class will be filled with daily experiential activities to build a student’s skills for daily living as well as the future. Topics will include everything from changing a tire on a car to folding a fitted sheet. The majority of activities will be learning by doing. Each day will have a theme. Some themes included are: basic car maintenance, meal preparation, home repair, sewing skills, taking care of your belongings, basic budgeting, and other themes suggested by students. Each student will also be teaching a skill that they can share others. The possibilities are endless! In addition to activities on campus, students will have several local field trips where they can experience “real life situations” in which they will need to practice their new skills (ex. How much do you tip at a restaurant?, etc.) A ½ credit in wellness can be earned.

Instructors: Mrs. Speicher and Mr. Pina