“Creative Creatures: A Survey of Western Expression” is designed to investigate the many ways that humanity has exercised the practice of creativity in the western world. From creating civilizations to building architectural structures and monuments to writing, theater, and visual art, western peoples have constantly strived to not only exist in the world but to embellish the world around them.


This Caribbean trip will expose our students to the natural beauty of the islands and the historical seaways of colonization and trade. Students will explore living reefs and sea life, indigenous music and art, the amalgamation of multiple cultures. There will be plenty of opportunity to observe and experience the flora and fauna of this tropical paradise. Students will live in glamorous camping accommodations with opportunities to cook as well as occasionally dine out. Students will delight in typical Caribbean cuisine offered in the Tree Lizards Restaurant located on the campground. Upon satisfactory completion of course requirements, students can earn a ½ credit in science and another ½ credit in social sciences.

Instructors: Mr. Blondia, Science and Mr. Ivankovich, Dean of Students

Picture yourself riding the rails westward into the snow covered Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Classes begin back on campus with strength training, visits to Crystal Mountain, and studying background material in anatomy and health. The group will then travel by train out to Vail Colorado where plenty of great skiing and snowboarding awaits, but also certification in Avalanche Safety Training and Wilderness First Aid Training plus CPR. This Course requires an additional Travel Fee and lift ticket.
Upon Satisfactory completion of this course students will earn ½ credit in Physical Education and a ½ credit in Health.

Instructors: Mr. Bruce Hood and Mrs. Laura Hood

What about the world inspires you enough to want to take action? If you care about events that are happening in the world, this is the opportunity for you! Never before have teenagers had so much access to understanding, influencing, and participating in global citizenship. In this class, we will consider what it means to be global citizens by thinking and caring about the events and people around the world. We will learn through film, social media, news sources, speakers, exhibitions, and one another. Then, you will select an interesting and inspiring issue to research and, through a multimedia project, you will teach our community about the issue. Even if you do not yet know what global citizenship means to you, this class will give you the chance to learn more about the world and how you can get involved.
A ½ credit in History can be earned.

Instructor: Mrs. Dymond, Director of Learning Commons

Do you have books on your bookshelf that you are dying to get to, but never seem to find the time? Your time has come!
You will read books that you have been wanting to read and share your experiences with others who are reading books they have chosen to read. All while discovering the many benefits to reading for pleasure. Aside from the sheer joy of exercising your imagination, evidence indicates reading for pleasure improves literacy, social skills, health, learning outcomes, and buildsreading stamina.
A ½ credit in English can be earned.

Instructor: Mrs. Zyren, Learning Specialist