Educational Consultants

Leelanau School Educational Consultants Inland Seas 38We are grateful to all the Educational Consultants who work with families and refer many wonderful students to our school.

We work with you to determine if the child you are helping place will fit here. We will continue to provide feedback to you throughout the school year so you have a good sense of how the child you are assisting is doing in our School. We would also love to have you come tour our campus, and can help you make that happen.

Please contact our admissions office at 231-334-5800 and we will arrange a time for you to meet the staff and students so you can see if The Leelanau School is a good fit for your clients.

Who are the best candidates for The Leelanau School?

• Above average intelligence, which may include a 10-15 point spread between the highest and lowest sub scores on their cognitive test results
• Once enjoyed school and over the years have lost confidence or passion for learning and want the “aha” feeling back.
• May have executive function process challenges
• Generally healthy behaviors and desire for a supportive community
• Enjoys small class sizes and project based learning

What support programs are available?

Our support program identifies strategies that are most effective for each student. For example, our learning specialists will teach multiple ways to take notes and then help their students determine which note-taking strategy works best in each situation. Our learning specialists work closely with the grade level teachers to help with the practice of multiple strategies in the classroom and meet with each student three times each week.

How do you transition students to college?

Our residence life program supports our students in learning life skills to gain independence. As students demonstrate responsible behaviors, they are given more freedom and autonomy in their senior year. Students are required to participate in self-awareness exercises that help them answer, “How do I learn? What do I need to help myself succeed?”

Graydon Mitchell, Director of Enrollment ManagementGraydon Mitchell

Director of Enrollment

Sarah Jane Admissions AssistantSarah Jane Crimmins

Admissions Assistant