Application for International Students

International Students

Application for International Students is the same as for American students, with the additional need for a student Visa.

The visa process for International Students attending the Leelanau School is simple and straightforward. Steps in this process, as well as resources are below.


  • Apply to the Leelanau School; provide proof of citizenship and financial documents illustrating ability to pay tuition.
  • After acceptance, place a deposit to ensure the student’s place
  • Then, the Leelanau School issues a I-20 Student Visa form for the student.
  • After receiving and completing the form, the student submits the form to the embassy.
  • The student then goes for an interview at the embassy.
  • The visa is approved and granted.

This visa is renewable every 12 months.


Graydon Mitchell, Director of Enrollment ManagementGraydon Mitchell

Director of Enrollment

Sarah Jane Admissions AssistantSarah Jane Crimmins

Admissions Assistant